Day 7

Millie005Millie’s a week old today and still going strong, as you can see from these photos of her outside the incubator with the Lovely Melanie.Millie004

Yesterday’s highlights were: me changing my first nappy (Millie’s, that is), and having to do it twice since she straightaway poohed on the clean one, and her mum finally getting a chance to hold her properly. Mother and daughter both seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience -Mel showing it by smiling and humming, Millie by opening her eyes and sticking her tongue out. That’s my girl!

Millie007The Lovely Melanie’s been discharged from hospital now and is back home (after some, ahem, occasionally a little intense wrangling with St Thomas’ bureaucracy, who made her discharge rather like doing the Hokey-Cokey…), but she’ll obviously be at the hospital every day, as will I, and as will Millie.

Oh, and huge teary-eyed thanks to our friend Nik for coming to pick Mel up from the hospital and take her home. You’re a diamond geezer, mate.

Millie006I had a wonderful moment yesterday: whilst crossing Westminster Bridge, completely oblivious on my way to see Millie, the Red Arrows suddenly and completely unexpectedly flew overhead, trailing red, white and blue smoke! Turns out we’d only gone and won the bloomin’ Olympics for 2012. Oh, good.


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