Day 8

If you’re really hardcore here is a roughly 10-second video clip, and here is a one-minute clip; both are of Millie with eyes open, looking around, and were taken on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve compressed them so that even people without broadband should be able to download them without too much hassle.

They’ve moved the feeding tube from Millie’s mouth to her nose now, which you’d never think would make much difference but – as I hope you can see in the photos and the video –
Millie’s now looking much less like an alien (or, as I confess I thought, like Stripe the gremlin) and much more like a baby. There was some tape holding the feeding tube on her chin which made it look very pointy, and with the tube and the tape gone she can pull some recognisable
expressions and open and close her mouth much more easily. Coupled with the fact that she’s now opening both eyes and waving her arms in the air like she just don’t care, it’s a wonderful sight.

She’s still doing remarkably well according to the doctors and the evidence of our own eyes (we can’t help getting worried that she’s doing quite so well, both of us are expecting some kind of karmic retribution for such good luck…but we’ll see).
Yesterday (Saturday) she had a disconcertingly swollen stomach, but that was apparently due to the oxygen being blown into her nose by the mask making its way into her stomach as well as her lungs. The doctors expect a big fart anytime now, and police have cordoned off the area.

For the irredeemably visual amongst you here are two new pictures taken on Sunday –

Millie008 Millie009

Thanks to a few more people are due, too.

Obviously huge thanks for the cards, gifts and messages of support from everyone – we really are enormously grateful to have such great family and friends – but a special cherry on the top for “Uncle” Nik, “Uncle” JimmyMac, “Auntie” Wendy and “Uncle” “Local Businessman” Shash Khan for the lifts to and from St Thomas’; to my two nans (Millie’s great-grandparents) for the knitting; to Uncle Rich and Carla for the picture frame, Steve and Kathryn for the lovely flowers, Brian, Sarah, Lucy and James for “Bobby”, and to Graham, Julie, Sean and Holly for the lovely card with “Millie” embroidered upon it, which is now proudly taped to Millie’s incubator to ward off any cases of mistaken identity. 😉

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