Day 14

Good news today (Thursday) is that Millie’s topped her birth weight for the first time. It’s a little known fact (is it a little known fact? The Lovely Melanie and I certainly didn’t know it) that babies lose weight after they’re born – something to do with the redistribution of fluids in the newborn body. Millie was born at 690 grams (1lb 7oz) and quickly dropped down to 650 grams (that’s almost 10% of her bodyweight lost!), then she levelled out and has been slowly gaining weight ever since.

Well, today she topped 700 grams and, all being well, the weight gain should accelerate now that we’re over the first couple of weeks.

Other news, is that Millie’s being moved from St Thomas’ Hospital back down to Lewisham Hospital where she was born. St Thomas’ badly need the NICU beds and Millie is still,
technically, a Lewisham gal.

++stop press++

We thought it would be today but it looks like it won’t be now. There’s been a sudden flurry of premature babies at Lewisham and all the NICU beds there are taken again. Sigh.


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