Day 14

Friday, and even as I write this Millie should be packing up her troubles in her old kitbag ready for the journey down to Lewisham.

Definitely, this time. Oh, yes. No doubt about it. Mm-mm. She’s practically there already.

Unless, of course, she isn’t.

Update on the weight issue, as well (if Millie’s anorexic in later life we’ll know where that started, won’t we?) – Millie’s well over her birth weight now, and is on course to top two pounds some time in the middle of next week. The Lovely Melanie says it sounds a bit “desperate” to celebrate Millie weighing two pounds, but I don’t think so, and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. Grr.

And finally, a big shouty “thank you” to Claire Pearson and her gentleman admirer, Rob, for the lovely present of practically a whole drawerful of “small baby” clothes. Some very good fashion choices there, you guys, so thanks very much. Ditto Tania & Ben – the clothes are beautiful. Many thanks also to Jill, Sam and Oscar for the beautiful flowers, and to Roger, Lynne, Nikki and Christopher for the very cute rattle.


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