Day 18

Millie010Millie011Millie012Pictures from Sunday 17th July. Sorry it’s been a whole week since the last lot.

Millie013Millie’s now safely lodged in Lewisham Hospital, where she seems to be very happy. Certainly her weight has now reached 800 grams (as of Sunday morning – that’s just over 1lb 12oz), and she’s taking a feed of 4.5 millilitres (or Millie-litres! Ha ha!) per hour. A “feed” is a tiny amount of her mother’s milk, taken straight into Millie’s stomach by the tube you can just about see going into her mouth. She’s also got an intravenous line going into her leg that’s giving her extra nourishment, because Millie needs to be taking a hefty 5mls of nourishment an hour if she’s to grow up to be a big, healthy baby, and when she can take down and digest a full 5mls per hour she gets the IV line taken out of her  leg, which is good because it’s another potential avenue for infection removed.

Taking the full 5mls by mouth will be a morale-booster for us, and it means Millie’s stomach is working just as it should do. The amount of milk they’re putting into her stomach has been steadily going up by 0.5mls a day (although it’s been up and down, what with the wind and the move to Lewisham) but because Millie’s so small and her stomach is so underdeveloped it’s frankly something of an achievement for her to be taking any nourishment at all by mouth, let alone the full 5mls she needs – who’s a clever girl, then?!

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