Day 19

Now we are two. Two pounds, that is. Millie now weighs 920 grams!

And she’s not only broken that psychologically important barrier, she’s also had the “long line” in her leg taken out.

The long line is an intravenous drip she’s had in her leg since she was born, supplying her with food, vitamins and the like; up till now what nourishment Millie couldn’t manage to take by mouth was being topped up by the long line, but it was decided today that she was taking enough milk by mouth that the long line could come out.

Most of those who’ve seen Millie will agree, I’m sure, that the long line was a particularly unlovely addition to her physique, not to mention yet another possible source of infection.

Well, not any more!

And speaking of infection, following an all-clear from any of that malarkey they’re also going to be taking out the needle in Millie’s arm today (I know what you’re thinking – “How can such a tiny scrap of humanity have so many needles in her? Where do they find the space? How do they find the veins??”). That one was kept there to allow them to administer drugs whenever necessary without having to stick more needles in, and once this has been taken out then little Millie will be free of needles for the first time since she was born. So that’s another milestone right there.

Again, we’re still far from home-free yet, but all of this is very very good news for Millie. I mean, good grief, even her mother says it’s “encouraging”, which must mean it’s stupendously good news, because the Lovely Melanie has been steadfastly refusing to see the bright side of
almost any Millie news…


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