Day 23

We’ve been getting so many messages of support from all over the world – our thanks to all you lovely people out there following Les tribulations de Millie. The membership cards are in the post, I promise, and the “I’m A Millie Maven” badges with them. 😉

No new weight figures, Lewisham don’t measure it every day, but fingers crossed we should reach a remarkable one kilogram today or tomorrow…

Oh, and Millie was three weeks old yesterday, another milestone which rather slipped by. Millie’s a bit like the Queen (in more ways than one) since she has two “birthdays” at the  moment, one is the actual birthday – every Thursday – and the other is how long she’s been growing for – her “gestation birthday”; that’s every Monday, and this Monday she’ll reach the magic 30 weeks!

Frankly, I think we’ll all be glad to see the back of her “20s” – they’ve been, ahem, a bit stressful.

Yesterday was something of a fidgety day for our little girl (though not, in consequence, as “fidgety” as it was for the Lovely Melanie). It was nothing serious, I think, just a general dissatisfaction with the accommodation, the nappy-changing and the room service (“Milk, milk, bloody milk – do you not have anything else, woman?!“). But if a little bit of grizzling is the worst we have to deal with before Millie comes home then I’ll be a happy happy man indeed.

No, yesterday was just a bit unsettled for the poor girl; apparently babies simply are unsettled sometimes, even very small babies. The only thing that she did enjoy was coming out to lie on her mother’s chest for a couple of hours; she was quiet and content for that whole time. And two hours out of the incubator is a personal best for Millie.

I was going to take some more pictures, but Millie had a load of gummy milk round her mouth – that stuff can be the devil to shift without really annoying a tiny baby – and wasn’t looking her best, so I thought I’d try and get some tonight when not only are Nanny and Grampy Carter coming up from Swindon, but so, for the first time, is Great Nanny Carter!

Let’s hope Millie has a more agreeable time of it today because that gummy milk’s coming off regardless, my girl!

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