Day 27

More thanks…to my godmother, Pat, for the beautiful soft blanket and the cuddly dog, both with “Millie” embroidered on them – I seldom get excited over cuddly toys or “bed linen” but these are lovely – thank you! And, in fact, to everyone who’s bought Millie something and gone blatantly unacknowledged here – thank you!

My excuse is that we’re moving house on Friday 29th. Yes, we are. Yes, it’s terrible timing.

Yes, we almost wish we weren’t.

No, the Lovely Melanie won’t be doing any heavy lifting – we’ve paid Pickfords a small fortune to do it for us.

Yes, we’re very rich indeed to be able to afford that.

No, it’s not coming out of Millie’s university fund.

Oh, all right, yes it is, but I promise to put it back before she’s old enough to realise.

There are some more photos I could put up on here, but I think I might save them for later in the week.

Millie had an uneventful weekend – except for coming out of the incubator for a cuddle with dad (me). She was unusually talkative, seeming to be muttering to herself for a good ten minutes before she settled down.

Probably something about this strange new furry grey surface she was lying on.

The doctors also think Millie might be able to come off the C-PAPP for good in a few days time. The C-PAPP is a machine that blows air up Millie’s nose to help her breathe, like a ventilator but not breathing for her, just with her.

Millie currently spends roughly two hours with it up her nose to every 6 hours without it (and she hates it – I mean, really obviously hates it!), but if she carries on doing as well as she is then she might be left to breathe entirely by herself. But we’ll see. She’s still very small and breathing by herself is still relatively hard work for her.

No posts about Millie’s weight for a few days either. It actually went down by about 30 grams, which was obviously worrying. The doctors said this wasn’t unusual and was nothing to be worried about: it was most probably caused by the switch away from the long line to being fed milk completely by mouth; this uses up energy to digest the milk, and with Millie still being so new to digesting milk it wasn’t something to get concerned about unless it continued.

It didn’t continue.

Millie’s put it back on and is back on course for reaching the magic kilogram weight.

But it does go to remind us how much of a roller coaster ride this whole business remains…

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