Post-move update (day 32)

Nice to know the Millie-pic bonanza kept most of you happy while we’ve been moving house.

Not all of you though – some of the more impatient out there were demanding to know what had happened while we were packing, moving, waiting for previous occupants to leave our new home, opening boxes, resealing boxes of books, opening more boxes, resealing more bloody boxes of bloody books, having a quick cry, opening more boxes, resealing boxes of toy robots, opening “one last bloody box before I give up and go to bed without any supper”, going to bed without any supper.

But we have moved now, and our new home is – or will be – very nice, I think. We still have no internet connection at home but hopefully we can get that sorted by the weekend.


Millie hasn’t been quite as well as usual. She had rather an unsettled weekend, very very fidgety and a bit unhappy, plus her oxygen saturation levels (the amount of oxygen she’s managing to actually absorb) have been a bit unsteady.

Not very unsteady, it’s not really anything to get worried about, but Millie’s normally very good on this particular front, and the doctors have been trying to figure out what could be causing it, given that all her other readings are fine, that she looks well and is putting on weight at a gallop (yesterday (Monday) she was 2lbs 11ozs – which I forget in grams, I’m afraid).

Millie has still been perfectly well enough to come out of the incubator and be held like a full term baby (albeit, swaddled up like a little kebab and with oxygen being blown in her general direction). That was lovely because you get to watch her little face – when you do the “kangaroo care” shown in the pictures, with her on your chest, you can’t actually see her very well.

So, we’ve done that for a few hours over the weekend, which mitigated some of the stress of the move.

Other things which helped mitigate the stress of the move were our very very very very good friends Nik, Mike, Inge and Si, without whose help we’d probably have ended up with a bonfire of books in our back garden to put those of the Nazis to shame.

Books and toy robots. Burning. Bwah ha-ha-ha!

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