Clothes by “Claire & Rob”

No Millie news to speak of yet today, although I have my camera with me in order to get some pictures of the Unbearable Cuteness Of Being that follows my changing her nappy in the evenings…look out for those tomorrow – or maybe not for a few days, since we’re moving house on Friday and that’s going to throw everything to hell for a while. Wish us (and Pickfords) luck!

My morning update from the Lovely Melanie was a particularly heartening one in a long line of heartening ones – Millie’s been taken off all but one of her monitors, which means that this afternoon the Lovely Melanie finally gets a chance to play “dollies”, and dress her in some clothes.

The nurses also told her that although they’re not actually planning to move Millie to the “least-intensive” care ward just yet, if there was a sudden influx of sick babies into her ward (“fairly-intensive” care) and they desperately needed some space then Millie is the one they could and would move.

She’s still a lot smaller than most of the babies in there, but has been so stable and well behaved that the medical staff are confident she would be perfectly OK in least-intensive care.

Just realised, I haven’t mentioned that mainstay of the baby-life here yet – poo.
And god knows, I could have, especially after yesterday. I could go on and on and on about it already…

Millie018 Millie019 Millie020 Millie021 Millie022 Millie023

With clothes by “Claire & Rob”


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