One kilogram!

It’s officially official – Millie’s now 1020 grams! That’s 1.02 kilograms or 2lbs 4oz!

She’s also been off the C-PAPP machine for over 24 hours now with no ill-effects; and, just when we thought we couldn’t get any prouder, the nurses have told the Lovely Melanie that Millie’s the most well-behaved baby on the ward.

Great-auntie Jenny came up with Gran and Granddad Fisher last night and brought some very cute baby clothes with her. Millie’s still not wearing clothes at the moment – not because she’s particularly a free spirit, but because the temperature within the incubator is kept very constant, so clothes are unnecessary and would get in the way of the doctors and nurses. Give it another 8-10 weeks, however (fingers crossed) and she should be appropriately attired (although it’ll be a good few months before she’ll fit into the little “Anarchy!” t-shirt I bought her…)


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