Poodle Chaos

Just time to mention some non-Millie news – that of me DJing at a club in Brixton in September (“Irresponsible father, call the Social…” I hear you mutter…)

But some friends and I used to run some club nights in London called Poodle Chaos (don’t  ask), and this year is the tenth anniversary of the first proper one we did. So on Saturday 24th September at the Canterbury Arms in Brixton we’re staging a one-off comeback! Yes, terribly exciting, isn’t it?

The whole thing’s only for a laugh, really – reliving past glories, catching up with some old friends, etc. But if your dancing trousers will take the strain it’s from 7pm till about 2am; entrance isn’t free but will certainly be less than a fiver. I’m doing about a 45-minute set around 8.30, before the “proper” Poodle Chaos DJs come on and do their thumping techno thing.

And before anyone asks: no, I won’t be playing the Minder theme. 😉


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