Nasal prong

Millie024 Millie025 Millie026 Millie027Yes, more pictures. Note the new nasal prong; Millie’s oxygen levels are still a touch erratic, but as you can see she was in fine form yesterday.

And we’re seriously looking at breaking 3lbs at some time over the weekend now, which would be double her birth weight – definitely something to celebrate!

The Lovely Melanie and I both still find it hard to imagine a time when Millie might be the size of a common-or-garden full-term baby (which still seems enormous!), but she’s undoubtedly on her way. Now when I put my hand over her head to comfort her it doesn’t fit in my palm any more; plus, her ears, which seemed very big when she was first born, are now roughly the right size. And her hands, too – they were so perfectly formed and so like a tiny version of an adult’s
hands – they’re now looking more and more like podgy baby hands.

Now, if we can just get these oxygen saturation levels sorted out…

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