Now we are three…

Now we are three…

Yes, three pounds, that is. And two ounces, as of Saturday morning.

And that’s after a very respectable bowel movement “for Daddy” on Friday night, too.

Um, I think I’ve got the days right – very tired after a whirlwind weekend of visitors, and even a night out clubbing, of all things, on Friday. I think I was supposed to thank some people for more lovely gifts and cards, too, but I’m terribly sorry, I can’t for the life of me remember from who at the moment. No doubt the Lovely Melanie will kick me in the shins over this catastrophic failure on my part tonight.


Anyway, doctors at Lewisham are very happy with Millie’s progress – they say that if the slight problems with her oxygen saturation levels were symptomatic of anything more serious then
there almost certainly wouldn’t be the impressive weight gains made by Millie. The oxygen saturation issue is by and large resolved now – Millie’s levels have been so good that they actually reduced the amount of oxygen she’s being given by one notch on the machine.

Of course, Millie, being Millie, started to desaturate (although not as quickly as previously) and they had to put them back up a notch, whereupon they went straight back to being perfect once more.

I get the impression we’re being toyed with.

I also get the impression I’m being toyed with by Argos. We still have no internet at our new home yet so we went to our local store on Sunday to order some sorely needed furniture.
After queing for 20 minutes (I kid you not, but this was in Catford so it’s not that surprising) I am told by a surprisingly polite chap that they ‘don’t deliver to that postcode.’

‘But it’s only half a mile up the road,’ I said, ‘I could almost carry this furniture there on my back.’

‘Ah, but this particular item is for home delivery only, sir,’ I was politely informed.

‘But…you don’t deliver to that postcode.’

‘No, sir, we don’t. Sorry. It may be a computer error – try ordering it online.’

Quickly thinking outside of the box (not to mention the proscribed delivery area) I agree to try that, and return home…to TELEPHONE Argos to get delivery! Oh, yes, I was neck-and-neck with the foxes in the World Cunnning Championships yesterday, I can tell you.

When I get home, the phone is dead.

Jesus hates us and doesn’t want us to have the two gorgeous, flatpack Argos wardrobes that would make our home complete. 😦


The second I finish typing the above I get a text from the Lovely Melanie, which I quote here…

‘Millie weighs 1465 gms (nearly 3lb 4)!’


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