Millie’s now 1.5 kilograms (that’s 3lbs 5oz – but 1.5kgs sounds better, I think).

She’s having her eyes checked today for, erm, well, I’m not quite sure actually. It’s not exactly for glaucoma but for something similar – the blood vessels in the backs of her eyes are being checked, to see that they’re OK. This involves putting some drops in Millie’s eyes to make
her pupils dilate, which I thought would make her howl (being a diabetic I’ve had the same drops put in my eyes quite a few times, and they sting!) But when I went in this morning on my
way to work (I can’t see her tonight as I promised her “Uncle” Si I’d help him with his new computer) she was just barely awake, eyes seemingly stuck at half open; and when the nurse dropped the, er, drops into her eyes she yawned and went to sleep.

So I can only assume they’re a different sort of eye-drops (because the alternative is that daddy’s a big moaning girl).

The Lovely Melanie has just texted to tell me that her eyes are absolutely fine. We thought they probably were, since Millie definitely does lock her gaze onto things, but it’s nice to be sure.

One thing we’ve noticed is that Millie’s really really filling out now. Two days ago (Sunday) we took a look back at all the photos we have of “The Millster” (as her mother has taken to calling her) and were a bit shocked at how small, wrinkly and bird-like Millie looked way back in early July. The changes in her – certainly for us, seeing her every day – have been so gradual that we
unconsciously assumed Millie hadn’t changed that much in the five and half weeks since she was born.

But she has.

If you look at the pictures from a month ago you’ll hopefully see what I mean: these days Millie looks like a baby, albeit one looked at through the wrong end of a telescope; whereas back then I remember looking at her and thinking she was absolutely lovely, but now, looking at those photos again, she somehow manages to look even more raw and scrappy and fragile than I recall.

And I can’t help thinking how staggeringly lucky we’ve been so far throughout all of this. All of this – nearly six weeks of unbroken good luck and excellent medical care. It feels like much longer, I promise you – it’s still hard to believe there’s a good six weeks left before Millie’s even likely to be coming home…but after the last six weeks, there’s almost nothing the next six can frighten us with.


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