In a cot

Finally, some Millie news to really sink your teeth into and taste the red blood of progress overflowing down your gruesomely smeared chin!

Millie028Well, where to start?

Yesterday (Thursday) saw Millie put into proper baby clothes – the full body suit and underclothes, and the heating in the incubator turned off (although it’s been at a very low level for some time now), all in preparation for Millie to be moved into a normal cot, rather than an
incubator, as she’s spent her entire life in so far.

When we left her last night they were just getting ready to move her, but Millie had been fully clothed for most of the Millie031day, and was loving it. She was happier and sleeping better than just about ever before (so it looks as though that infamous Carter “Naturism” gene has skipped
another generation, thank goodness).

Millie030No proper pictures yet, but I promise I’ll get some tonight. She was looking quite ridiculously cute. Ludicrously cute. Insanely cute! So that cute that **EDITED DUE TO EXCESSIVE HYPERBOLE**

Millie031And as if the miracle of the clothed-baby-moving-into-a-cot wasn’t enough, Millie was also
breast-fed for the first time yesterday.

She wasn’t very good at it (let’s not beat around the bush – she was rubbish), however, she did manage to get a little milk AND she loved the whole experience. She cried when she was taken
off and put back into the incubator, and kept making sucking movements and sticking her tongue out for hours afterwards.

So the Scooby-doo theme didn’t need to be sung once yesterday.


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