Godless Heathen

In The Guardian today there’s a fascinating article by the always-readable George Monbiot about religion, which set me thinking, because it follows a lovely email from a new friend of Millie’s in Maine in the USA (hello, Maura!) asking whether, following Millie’s birth, I was still a “godless heathen” (as per my email address on here).

I said that, honestly, I did think about this during some of the darker moments soon after Millie was delivered, but not once, not ever, did I feel a need or desire to pray or ask for help from any kind of god – and neither, so she tells me, did the Lovely Melanie.

And I was actually rather pleased that both our beliefs held up during those days, because if they were ever going to buckle then that would have been the time. But neither of us ever thought that a quick prayer would be anything more than a gesture, one designed to try and make us feel we were doing something – anything – constructive.

So I remain, probably more than ever, having gotten through the most difficult period of my life without any “spiritual” aid, a godless heathen. 😉

As to Millie, she remains very much fine. She’s actually lost about 20 grams of weight since the weekend, but the doctors say that’s to be expected as she’s burning more energy keeping
herself warm now she’s out of the incubator. Expectations that she might need another blood transfusion about now have also come to naught, as the slight anaemia she had has also cleared up, and there’s now serious talk of getting her off of oxygen altogether and then moving her to the somewhat-intensive care ward (and the next move from there is home!)

And Millie continues to look as beautiful as her mother; albeit, a little bit smaller.

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