Homeward bound?

Very quickly – we don’t need no steenkin’ oxygen no more, senor. That’s the word from the hospital! Millie’s had the nasal prong taken out of her nose, has put on weight and will probably be moved to the somewhat-intensive care ward with all the big babies later on today.

Aye caramba!

As if that wasn’t enough, the doctors have even mentioned “going home” for the first time!


In about two weeks they’ll begin looking seriously at Millie coming home, all other things being equal. This is a bit of a shock, and means we’d best get a move on sorting the house out (we’re still living mostly out of boxes), but wonderfully heartening news. 🙂

Next big hurdle is getting her to feed, since at the moment she has a tube going through her mouth directly into her stomach which is giving her all the milk and stuff she needs. For her to come home she needs to be able to feed for herself…so that’s the next big hurdle.

Fingers crossed for our little senorita that it goes as smoothly as almost everything else…

Oh, I hate decorating… 😦

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