Room quiz

Which room is Millie in at the hospital?

Is it, one: Room D.

Is it, two: Room B. Or is it three: Room A?

That’s your final answer? You’re sure…?

If you’d said, one – Room D…you’d have been wrong. Millie was in Room D, the fairly-intensive-care room until yesterday, but she’s not there any more.

If you’d said, two – Room B… Well, they did move her from Room D to Room B, the somewhat-intensive-care room, yesterday.

However, the correct answer is, three – Room A!

Millie was in B for a few hours, but was doing so well that when they needed space for a whole bushel of new babies on the ward they moved her to A, which isn’t really deserving of the name “intensive care”, since it’s essentially a nursery with a couple of extra machines in it, and the
only way babies get out of there is by going home.

Which, I should stress, doesn’t mean we’re a booking a taxi from University Hospital Lewisham back to Forest Hill just yet. What it does mean is that Millie’s just biding her time in there until she’s big enough and well enough able to feed so that she can go home. Personally, I think that’s probably a good month away yet, possibly a little longer, but I think it’s safe to say we’re talking
weeks rather than months now. It seems hard to imagine taking her home and not spending hours of every day in hospital. After all the unpleasantness of these past two months (because that’s all it’s been, unbelievable as it seems to us) we can get back to living something of
a normal life, not too different from the way we were before.


I think it’s going to be very very strange, you know.


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