Boring stuff

No updates over the weekend due to, one, the computer at home being unplugged because, two, we’ve been decorating hard, meaning that, three, I’ve barely seen Millie the whole weekend. 😦

But, we’re still slowly making the changeover to feeding by mouth, rather than by tube. Millie’s still taking the majority of her feed by tube, however she now only gets it every three hours, to try and accustom her to a “feeding time”. She is also beginning to take milk from a bottle. We’ve tried her with the breast (well, I say “we”, the Lovely Melanie has) but Millie’s still a little bit too small for that, although she has enjoyed it when placed in the right place…

But on Friday night I got to feed Millie with a bottle of her mum’s milk with her sat on my lap, which was just such a lovely experience, I can’t tell you. Although it was bit nerve-racking
at times, not knowing quite what Millie’s capabilities are – when to stop, how much support to give her, where to support her, how hard to rub/pat when winding her, etc, etc, etc…

It was another step in becoming a dad though, interacting with Millie and doing things for her, another one of those moments that makes everything completely and utterly worthwhile, and almost erases the memories of the past few months. When I was winding her I was fully
expecting her to start to cry, what with daddy’s big, rough, hairy hands mauling her back and thumping her across the shoulders, but she was fine. She kept up a little sort of agreeable groaning noise when I was patting her back and just gurgled happily when I was rubbing, which fair melted this cynical old man’s heart, I can tell you.

What else? Well, Millie now weighs 3lb 12oz, and has…how can we put this? let’s just say that the muscles in the lower parts of her digestive system are remarkably well-developed. When we’ve been changing her in hospital she’s managed to spray wee from her cot almost to the middle of the ward; and we don’t even want to think about the incident with the other stuff…

So everything continues to go as well as could possibly be hoped for, and I’m seriously starting to think about the more practical aspects of bringing her home, rather than staring off into the distance and thinking wistfully about having our little Millie at home…

Oh, and there are unlikely to be any picture updates for a few more days while we finish decorating, putting furniture together and trying to remember exactly where all those funny
little leads fit in the back of the computer! But expect a Millie bonanza when we do get it all up and running once more.

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