Mobile phone pictures!!!

Still no computer at home (and the decorating has very temporarily ground to a halt thanks to incompetence on the part of Argos).

But thanks to the magic of my brand-new mobile phone, bluetooth and my computer at work, here are some pictures I took last night with the aforementioned phone. The pictures of me with Millie were taken just after I’d been feeding her and was trying to wind her.

Millie036 Millie037 Millie038 Millie039Millie is taking to the new feeding very very slowly – she seems to almost get the hang of taking a bottle into her mouth, sucking and then swallowing, but tends to forget the exact order these things should go in, or she just plain forgets she has a bottle in her mouth. At the moment she does better with her Dad feeding her (which I’m secretly quite pleased about), but we’ve only been trying for a couple of days, and fully expect Millie to get the hang of it all of a sudden (as she does with most things) very soon.


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