She’s coming home…probably

Just two weeks until Millie comes home.

“Could be,” not “will be”. I’m still assuming it’ll be three

The doctors have told us, only half-joking, not to take too long over our DIY at home (about which, I do not want to talk).

Millie was 3lbs and 14 ozs yesterday and still going strong, so she’ll almost certainly hit 4lbs sometime over the weekend! As well as that, she’s had all of her monitors removed, the last one (on her foot) went on Wednesday night. The only trailing wire now is the feeding tube from her nose, but even that will probably be gone by Monday as Millie’s just about mastered the whole feeding rigmarole. The nurses want to keep that tube in until she’s consistently been feeding herself for another two days, as it can be very tiring for such a small baby, and Millie can sometimes benefit from saving the energy involved in gulping down a whole bottle of milk,
and having a wee sleep instead.

Although, that said, since she mastered the art she’s shown no such signs yet – quite the opposite in fact!

What else…?

Well, the Lovely Melanie gave our girl a bath on Wednesday, too, and dad’s going to have a go tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that enormously – just as much I look forward to feeding her. When you feed your child the whole world around you seems to disappear and nothing else matters, it’s just you and her doing just one fairly simple task which you both enjoy, and it’s wonderfully relaxing. It easily beats clubbing, nights down the pub, a really good gaming session on the computer – in fact, just about anything. The perfect antidote for the stresses of trying to get a new home painted and liveable. I just wish I got to do more of one and less of the


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