Against the Standard

A quick bit of London-based but non-Millie news (“what?” I hear you say, “Is there such a thing?”)

Just wanted to stick the knife into the hate-mongering, bilious rag that laughingly calls itself “London’s paper”, by pointing out that a month ago (on July 28th) the Evening Standard  printed an article about Dar Al Taqwa, a small Muslim bookshop here in London, basically
accusing it of being a hotbed of Islamic extremism and hatred.

Which was a lie.

Unlike the Standard, Dar Al Taqwa has always stood for peace, tolerance and understanding – and the reporter who wrote the story has been shown to have known that. He knew, and he still wrote the story.

Now, despite this little shop having been the subject of a torrent of violent threats and abuse ever since the article was published (with the Dar Al Taqwa address and phone number included, for good measure), the Standard has refused to apologise or print a retraction.

And to those of you who can buy/read the Standard, might I suggest that you don’t?

Sorry to interrupt the Millie news flow, but I really really dislike the Standard, and this is simply one more reason why…


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