Free at last!

Well, some rather shocking news today – Millie feeding tube is out, she’s now sans any kind of lead or tube or monitor at all. She’s completely on her own. And not only that, but they’re very very seriously talking about her coming home – with us, for good – on Friday! This Friday, in four days time!

Wonderful wonderful news, but also a bit sudden – especially considering we were once told (many moons ago) that Millie was “extremely unlikely to go home before her due date” – the
same due date that’s still a whole month away…

Personally I think Millie’s ready, but they’re keeping her in for a bit longer mainly just to check that she can keep up her remarkable progress. Even so – Friday!!

Millie042If you can’t wait that long (like us) then here’s a picture of Millie completely au naturelle

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