Rooming at the hospital

Falling behind a bit with everything, I’m afraid. Still, at least we’ve painted the living room and it’s ready for the furniture to go back in – we can finish off the rough edges and stuff later on…

Christ, decorating’s wearing down my heart like three months of hospital never could. 😦

As for Millie, I’m home briefly this evening to grab some dinner, pick up some things and  update this website before heading off to Lewisham Hospital one penultimate time. Tonight and tomorrow night the Lovely Melanie and I are “rooming in” there, which means we get given a little private room with a bed, and Millie comes in with us, to be looked after by us and only us, unless something goes wrong.

It’s meant to teach us how to look after Millie, but I think it’s a waste of time; we’ve been “looking after her” for weeks now – we’ve got far more experience of nappies and feeding and comforting and carrying and cleaning and general baby behaviour than the parents of any common-or-garden newborn baby have, and they get sent straight home, so I’m at a loss to understand why we should have to go through this rigmarole, as it’s,
frankly, a pain in the ass.

But on the plus side, Millie’s had eye-tests and two vaccinations – she cried at the first (BIG!) needle, but only yawned when the second one went in – she’s nothing if not a brave little girl, we knew that, but she’s also quite a cocky one, too. She also, finally, hit 4lbs today. Hooray!

And now I have to go to the hospital – the next update will probably be on Friday or Saturday, when Millie’s home – did I mention she’s definitely scheduled to come home on Friday? Barring something unpleasant happening, that is, so fingers crossed one last, final time, eh?

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