A little overnight chaos

Well, that went well – the first night in an unfamiliar room for our little girl with only her parents for company.

Millie took a while to settle down last night, not crying but just throwing her arms around and making quite a lot of general squeaking, puffing and snuffling noises, but she did sleep, and the Lovely Melanie and I slept reasonably well, too (although we’d have slept better if Lewisham Hospital didn’t keep all their rooms at a steady 30 degrees C!).

I did her 11pm and 7am nappy change and feed, whilst the Lovely Melanie – who doesn’t have to get up and function at work, and can “power nap” during the day without getting sacked – did the 3am feed. I pretty slept right through anything that happened then, and I fully intend to keep on sleeping through most of that time!

In fact, the whole night went exactly as I’d expected: no surprises, no unexpected behaviour on Millie’s part. Exactly what I’d expected. The only change from any normal night is that I’m now very tired, very dehydrated, and falling inexorably behind on getting the “new” house sorted.

The only minor bit of drama was when the Lovely Melanie went out to do some milking after the 7pm nappy change, leaving daddy and Millie alone in the room. Everything was going quite
well – Millie laid on my chest while I watched TV and ate some Minstrels – until she got hiccups. After about 10 minutes of (very cute) hiccups I thought letting her suck on her dummy might help, and it seemed to, so I reached for my phone to get a picture of a contented little hiccuping girl…

And Millie was sick over herself, over her blanket and over her top.

Cue some confusion while I try to put my phone on the bedside table, which leads to Minstrels spilling all over the bed, while sick runs down Millie’s chin and soaks into her clothes and bedding and I’m unable to find any tissues to catch it with.

But everything worked out fine – the Lovely Melanie returned about ten minutes later to find a sparkling clean and newly-changed Millie lying back in her cot under the watchful eye of an
only-slightly-hyperventilating dad. 🙂

We’re still on course to go home tomorrow sometime. Hopefully it’ll be in the morning as I’m just about finished with the whole staying-in-hospital project now, and am itching to get
started on the living-at-home-as-a-family project.

And did I mention, I start my long-delayed paternity leave from tomorrow – two weeks (at £100 a week – the absolute bog-standard statutory legal minimum in this country), and then immediately followed by a week of holiday (at full pay, thank goodness!), so no work for me for three whole weeks! Huzzah!

Who knows, I might even get some book reviews done…

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