Busy with baby sick

Ahh, life at home without having to go to work – it’s bloomin’ great, isn’t it? Just spending time with your lovely wife and daughter, free from cares and worries, nothing to do but read, change nappies and stare at a beautiful tiny baby…

Well, that’s the theory.

In reality I’m here updating websites while Mel and Millie sleep the sleep of the exhausted.

The kitchen is still not quite finished, we have no food in the house, I’ve got two book reviews that I promised to write for various sites, a stack of books to be read for the Clarke Award, there’s plenty of unpacking still waiting to be done – not to mention that I’ve yet to work out my DJ set for the Poodle Chaos night at the Canterbury Arms in Brixton on September 24th…

Still, never let it be said that I shirk my duties, for here is a page of photos taken from our very pleasant trip to Swindon last week.

What else? Well, we’ve noticed today that Millie no longer has blue eyes – she’s followed her mother and gone hazel at the moment. I thought babies’ eyes changed colour after they were born (so I wasn’t expecting them to change yet – two weeks before her due date), but obviously it must be more to do with exposure to light or something, rather than developmental age…

So, yes. Millie has hazel eyes (mine are a kind of blue-grey).

We’re still getting the hang of taking care of a small baby; no disasters yet though, and that’s after giving her a couple of baths, too! We have discovered that, like the proverb, you can lead a Millie to water but you can’t make her drink…or she’ll be sick all over you.

Yep, we’re supposed to feed Millie even if she’s not hungry – she’s still small (we’re not sure how small – the Lovely Melanie will find out tomorrow at the doctor’s) so she really needs to take all her food. Unfortunately no one has explained this to our girl.

Being a Carter, however, she’s stubborn but polite. She’ll refuse to drink more milk but, if pushed, always gives in in the end and drinks some more. And then throws it up again.

So we’re beginning to let her decide to some degree how much milk she drinks at a feed.

Yes, she needs to take a certain amount, but we figure it’s better if she takes most of her feed and keeps it than that she takes all of her feed and gives us a full refund on it a few minutes later.

Still, I am developing a complete immunity to baby sick. 🙂

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