4lb 14oz!

Putting photos up is so much easier than actually writing anything here, you know, and if left unchecked I could just keep sticking cute pictures up until my webspace allowance was completely used up.

But because some people have been so very complimentary about my writing I shall add a few comments here, even though I’m really rather tired.

What a goddamn hero I am.

Today saw the Lovely Melanie and Millie go outside for their first journey in the baby pram-carriage-buggy-thingie – the one bought for us by Grandma and Granddad Fisher.

You can see Grandma Fisher in two of the photos above, looking very very happy with little Millie (and why not?) (PICTURES, SADLY, LOST…)

This is the same baby Millie who, out for her first ride in the new pram-carriage… today (as seen above – Millie’s looking a bit sceptical about the whole business in the photo) was taken to a regular mother and baby clinic at our local doctor’s – and was found to be a whopping great 4lb 14oz!

I mean, I remember the days when she was just 1lb 7oz, and now our little girl’s nearly 5lb.

She’ll probably be into boys and make-up by the end of the week, I shouldn’t wonder.

And so to bed.

Only…not to bed, because there’s a feed due in an hour. Sigh. Let’s hope it’s one of the easy ones – Millie has a tendency to be either fast or slow with her feeds. Fast ones are great: you put the bottle in her mouth for 15-20 minutes, wind her and then go back about your business. Great.

Slow ones involve putting the bottle in, wiping off the milk running down her chin, winding her, trying to put the bottle back in, waking her up, poking the bottle around her mouth in hope of getting a response, wiping up more spilled milk, winding again, and winding again whilst telling the Lovely Melanie that, no, actually, you don’t need a hand, before finally just giving up, an hour or so after you started.

Late at night, when all you really want to be doing is sleeping, a slow feed can be most demoralising. And this is still before Millie has the requisite energy and tenacity for sustained, high-volume crying.

If she wasn’t so cute and loveable I’d be getting quite nervous about now…

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