Sorry, was that a bit rambling and incoherent yesterday? It might not be much better today as I’ve been feeling rather headache-y and unwell all day – although, that didn’t stop me getting out there and digging most of our new front garden this morning.

I was only planning to dig up all the weeds with a little hand-fork, but it turns out that our front garden hasn’t been dug since…well, ever, really, and our front garden is the accursed made of clay, so I had to get the big guns out – my full-size garden fork – and start digging up the whole damn thing with that. It was kind of fun for a bit: some genuine, honest, sweaty toil, and people walking by would say “Hello,” or “Get in there,” but after about 90 minutes I started to get blisters, so I’ve got to try and finish the rest tomorrow.

Still, it gives a nice sense of achievement, and the chance to get the smell of the earth in your nostrils, and just generally get a bit dirty, like a true horny-handed son of the soil! Much better than the accursed, never-ending DIY…

And Granny and Granddad Fisher came to visit today, as well – bearing gifts, too, as you’ll see in the photos below. A remarkable (I think that ’s definitely the best word) outfit for Millie, which she looks outrageously cute in.

She’s not actually been very cute otherwise today, what with throwing up copious amounts of milk all over my (hairy) chest this morning, and just generally being quite unhappy about something. Possibly the fact that she’s getting more porky by the second – she was weighed today at 5lb 4oz. Quite a respectable amount, I think, considering she’s still two weeks away from her due date…

I think, in that last picture with me especially, you can really get a sense of quite how much bigger 5lb 4oz is than 1lb 7oz…

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