Satsumas and blood glucose monitors

Two things, neither of them Millie-related (wait! come back…!)

I am very disappointed with the standard of satsumas around the Holborn area of London – so much so that I’ve just decided that plums are the new satsumas, this season. Holborn satsumas are lacking in juice and lacking in taste; they’re not lacking in pips though, since they frequently have more than 20 pips in them (I kid you not – 3-4 pips per segment is perfectly usual!).

That and the fact that they take an age to peel because the stupid skin breaks off in teeny-tiny little pieces, not the traditional broad swathes of yesteryear, have convinced me to abandon my traditional lunchtime satsuma…

The plums on the other hand…ah, the plums. Sweet, moist, not requiring a peel and guaranteed to have only the one pip in them – and that always in the same place!

Yes, plums are the new fruit of choice for me.

The other thing is my current status as a cyborg! Oh, yes! Terribly exciting – I’ve leapt forward out of the 21st century and into…well, into a slightly later part of the 21st century, really.

I’m not talking about my new phone (ahhh, my beautiful new phone…) or a particularly exotic mp3 player, I’m talking about the Continual Blood Glucose Monitor that I’m hooked up to for the next few days.

A marvel of miniaturisation, (about the size of three Digestives stacked on top of one another) this is, as the name suggests, continually monitoring my blood glucose levels. I’ve got a tiny probe stuck under my skin on the right-hand side next to my stomach and connected to the monitor by a bit of wire.

Gosh, these are exciting times to be a diabetic, I can tell you.

They’d be more exciting if the monitor would continually tell me what my blood glucose levels were…but it doesn’t; it just records them for later downloading at King’s Hospital.

I’m hoping to set off a few alarms going in and out of shops, so I can show off my new hotline to cyberspace at some point, but more likely, I think, is me getting the wire tangled round my genitals at some point while I’m trying to sleep. 😦

Brr, everytime I reread that sentence it makes me shiver…

Millie is fine, by the way. Under a harsh new regime that her mum has come up with, but fine.

I’ll tell you more about it in a few days, when we see if the cold showers and 5am reveille are having the desired effect…

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