Slippery things, genes…

Indeed they are – very slippery customers.

Take Millie, for instance, our brown-eyed girl – or so we thought! Now it would appear that the last vestiges of her mother’s DNA have been overcome and her eyes are turning the same colour as those of her dad: a grey-blue colour.

Fearsome stuff, the old Carter DNA – it assimilates everything it touches. Just by reading this website you’re probably becoming more like me without even realising it! But don’t be scared – join us…

A lovely (if busy) weekend was had by all. Except Millie, who cried through a lot of it, just to show her grandparents that she could.

Much work was also done on the house and garden, and Mel and I went to the cinema and saw Jim Jarmusch’s new film, Broken Flowers which, even though it had Bill Murray in it, was slow and only sporadically entertaining. I would say that if you’ve managed to struggle through the first turgid 30 minutes then stick with it – it gets a bit better after that.

We actually wanted to see Cronenburg’s A History of Violence but it being half-term every cinema in London was only showing Wallace & Gromit and The Legend of Zorro. Sigh.

Typical, isn’t it – the one night Mel and I have to go out together to the cinema and there’s almost nothing at all on! Still, it was nice to go out together for a change, and we had a nice time.

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