No news is good news. And nerd news.

No Millie news today – I had to do the “socialising with work” thing last night so I’ve barely seen her for 24 hours. 😦

Still, the Lovely Melanie’s off out on the piss on Wednesday so it’s just me and the girl in that night, and we can do a bit of father-daughter bonding. I’ll let you know how that goes.

The thing is, you can never really predict whether it’s going to end up with beautiful smiles on both sides, or if it’ll be one of those nights where I end up saying though gritted teeth, “Yes, I think it might be time to SHUT UP now, Millie,” as has once or twice happened in the past.

One entirely unrelated thing to add here… Actually, TWO entirely unrelated things: this weekend me and the fambly (not a mispelling, that’s what we’re calling ourselves these days) are going to Brighton for the Brighton Comics Expo. Well, I’m going for the Comics Expo (I’ve got a press pass! My first ever press pass! I’m reporting on it for Emerald City) – the Lovely Melanie and Millie are just going because I’m going, really.

Although, since we’re staying in the Hilton on the seafront it should be a nice weekend for everyone. And we get to show Millie the sea for the first time, too; even if it is the sea in Brighton in the middle of November…

The second thing is of no interest to anyone unless you’re a bit of a geek and you have a Java-enabled mobile phone (that’d be one of them there fancy ones what has a colour screen), because the makers of my most favourite (and now free!) web browser – Opera – have released a version for the aforementioned Java-enabled mobile phones. If your phone can access the internet then you really really really want to download the new (free!) Opera Mini.

It’s basically a web browser for your phone, but – like it’s big brother, the full Opera, it’s waaaaaay better than any other internet browser. The big thing in it’s favour, however, is the fact that it trims and streamlines webpages before they’re downloaded to your mobile, thus saving you money (because viewing webpages on mobiles isn’t the cheapest way to do it, sadly)

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