Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is up. Millie is in absolute awe of it when the lights are on.

I think it’s OK.

Hmm, looking again at that shot of Millie in the bath, it’s not the best “Millie in the bath” photo (in the previous post). She was in a fantastically good mood tonight, and bathtime was an absolute joy. Sometimes bathtime is a bit tense, and there’s a lot of crying when a certain young lady is taken out of the water, but tonight a certain young lady was chirping and smiling all the way through, gave a quick grizzle when she was initially brought out of the water, and then settled down quietly to watch the colour-changing lamp that we keep on her changing table and which always keeps her quiet, while we dressed her.

Interesting fact of the day: the Lovely Melanie thinks we’ll probably try Millie on solid food in the new year. Although Millie will only technically be three months old (in reality she’s six months, of course) she will have been taking milk for getting on for five months, so she should be ready for solid food.

And there was me just getting used to having milky vomit over myself…


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