Geeks and Christmas

The Top 20 Geek Novels. And I’ve read them all (which surprised me, for some reason) 🙂

Well, except for The Illuminatus Trilogy (and I once bought my brother a copy for Christmas – does that count?)

Meanwhile, back in the so-called real world, Millie’s now 9lb 6oz, 8lbs heavier than when she was born – think of that… And the Moses basket that she currently sleeps in is becoming a bit small for her now, so we may be moving that out of the cot and just letting her sleep, au naturelle in the cot like a proper big girl.

There’s still a lot of smiling going on, when she’s not too tired, and she’s just started reacting to toys being put in front of her, especially ones that make a noise. There’s no grabbing or holding yet (she’s still having trouble getting those stupid fingers into her mouth…) but where she only used to smile at faces Millie is now amused by a duck-duck or a moo-cow or a babbit being waved in front of her.

The Lovely Melanie was looking back at some video of Mille from over month ago, and it’s startling to see the change in her. I mean, I thought Millie getting eyebrows had made quite a difference, but Millie paying attention to things around her, though perhaps a more subtle change is, with hindsight/video, much more impressive. The Millie of five weeks ago ignored you – she ignored you, she ignored the camera, she ignored toys; in fact, she ignored just about everything except her own immediate comfort, and knowing the Millie we have with us now, that boring old Millie is actually a bit disconcerting to watch (and no fun at all!)

I’m finding it continually surprising how fast babies develop, and how much of that development is in leaps and bounds, rather than a steady progression. One day Millie doesn’t care about duck-ducks in the slightest, she doesn’t even appear to know they’re there, then the next she’s spontaneously fascinated by them; it’s as though switches are being thrown, as though her brain is booting up like a computer, so that the “face recognition” software comes online, then the “smile reaction” program. Not, as I’d expected, like an incremental learning process at all.

And, of course, Christmas is coming. Not only do we have a Millie in the house for the first time, but we’re also – gasp – staying in London for the first time. Ordinarily we alternate our Christmas Days between families each year: one year Christmas Day and Boxing Day at my parents, then over to the Lovely Melanie’s parents for the 27th and 28th; next year the other way round.

However this year sees a controversial break with tradition because we’re staying at our house in London, albeit with most of Christmas Day round at friends’ (how hard can it be to cook a Christmas dinner, eh…?)

We’ve always had to be absolutely scrupulously fair about the rotating family Christmas because, as much as we both like our in-laws (and we both genuinely do), the Lovely Melanie and I each really want to spend Christmas with our own families. So to be fair we tossed a coin the very first year (the Lovely Melanie won) and have alternated ever since, two days at one family’s, two days at the other’s.

Until this year.

This year we (well, mainly me) decided that carrying all our stuff, and Millie AND presents on the train up to Hatfield on Christmas Eve, then over to Swindon on the train on the 27th, then back to London for the 28th (I have to work that day) on the train with all our stuff and Millie AND accumulated presents, was a bad idea. The Lovely Melanie suggested “we” hire a car so that “we” can drive where “we” need to go, which sounds like a better idea, until you realise, the Lovely Melanie can’t drive, and that I would spend most of my Christmas either actually driving or being about to drive, and so unable to drink.

And, hey, all our relatives (i) have cars, (ii) don’t have babies, and (iii) want to see Millie, so we thought rather than us have to traipse about the country why not make them come to us?! Heh heh heh.

So ths year, for the first time, we’re going to be spending Christmas in London with friends. Funnily enough, I’m rather looking forward to it – not to being without family, you understand, no, no, no, but rather to doing something different, and to having Millie there for Christmas, too.

Plus, I hear that London at Christmas is quite something to behold, being ever-so empty and quiet. Hopefully we can go for a walk on Christmas Day afternoon, perhaps around Burgess Park, near where our friends live.
It should be good anyway. 🙂


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