A weekend in Swindon

Just back from a very nice weekend in Swindon, during which Millie was very well behaved indeed, and charmed everybody she met. Unfortunately, she’d stored up all her bad behaviour ready for when she got home, till even the normally unflappable Lovely Melanie nearly lost her temper with such a badly-behaved baby. 😦

Anyway, she’s gone to sleep now. So I could tell you about Carter Family Christmas Party 2005, Caroline and Princey’s Christmas Party, not to mention the McGlone Family and the all-new May family (little Jack May, you may remember, was due to be born long before Millie, but Millie is actually older then him by a couple of weeks now).

Oh, and thanks to various people over the past week who’ve said they read and love my little old website – some more unexpected than others – and for the positive feedback about the little Millie link above; turns out a few people out there think it’s rather sweet. Cos it took me, like, oh god, hours and hours to get just right. Oh, yeah. Definitely hours and not just a few minutes. Oh, no.

Finally, a little bit of a “big up” to an American folky/bluegrass band I’ve discovered called The Everybodyfields, who are very very good. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like their new album, Plague Dreams, a lot. Sadly, it’s nigh-on impossible to get hold of in the UK, but I wrote to them asking how I could buy one and they very generously offered to post me a copy and pay for the international postage, which was most generous, I thought.

So I was quite glad to find that such a nice bunch of people had made such a very good album. 🙂

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