Is America going sane again?

As if it weren’t cheering enough that all those fledgling democracies in South America are voting in more and more left-wing leaders, and that US senators (or whatever they’re called) voted not to renew the scary, anti-freedom, Paranoia Act – sorry, Patriot Act – then we hear that a US judge has ruled that the loony religious nonsense known as “intelligent design” should not be taught in science lessons because…well, because it isn’t science, basically!

The always readable New Scientist put it this way –
[Judge John Jones of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania] ..systematically dismantled the arguments of the proponents of intelligent design. Jones said that the history of intelligent design shows that it is essentially creationism with explicit references to God and the Bible removed.

Jones also said that language in the school board statement that evolution is only a “theory” is misleading. It confuses the scientific and colloquial meanings of “theory”. And by singling out evolution from all other scientific theories it suggests that there is some special doubt about the truth of evolution.

The judge stated that intelligent design cannot be considered science for a number of reasons. By depending on a supernatural cause it violates the basic ground rules of science that have been in place since the 16th century.
He also found that intelligent design relies on the “false dualism” that if evolution can be disproven, then intelligent design is proven. In any case, he found that intelligent design’s criticisms of evolution have been largely refuted.

And wasn’t it so nice to see all-round God-type person Pat Robertson on TV saying afterwards that if Pennsylvania was hit by a terrible disaster anytime soon then it would be all their own fault and that they deserved it?
So much for ‘loving thy neighbour’ and ‘turning the other cheek’…


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