You want me to work when???

Boo! Stupid work – fancy making me come in over the Christmas break!
It’s nominally to “maintain a skeleton crew”, so there’s always someone there to answer the ‘phones to clients (who are mostly away for the Christmas break!).

Here’s how that works…

ME (answering phone): Good morning, Acme Subtitling Company.
CLIENT: Hello, can I speak to Charlie Farnsbarnes, please?
ME: No, sorry, he’s not back in the office until January.
CLIENT: Oh. Well, can I speak to Julie Swahooli, then?
ME: No, sorry, she’s not back until January either.
CLIENT: Blast. Well, perhaps you can help me? It’s Constantinople Smith from the Ultimate Film Company. Do you know when the Kazikistan subtitles for King Kong will be ready?
ME: Whoa, cool! Are we subtitling King Kong?!?! Excellent! I love that film, dude!
CLIENT: Goodbye. (Hangs up)

On the more interesting Millie side of things, she’s going to be trying solid food for the first time today – probably in about 40 minutes time. It’s only going to be a single spoonful of “baby rice” (whatever that is) but, still, pretty exciting, eh? The Lovely Melanie’s going to ring me up and let me know what happens, but, as they used to say on the start of Stingray – “Anything could happen in the next half-hour.”

Millie also got A LOT of presents over Christmas, far too many to even begin to list here. Suffice to say, the Lovely Melanie had to order a toy-chest from Argos yesterday. So, many thanks from us to absolutely everyone who bought a present or sent a Christmas card for our little girl – and, I’d like to say, especially to those who’ve never even met her! Thank you.

We had a lovely Christmas, too – a great Christmas Day round “Uncle” Simon’s house (by the Old Kent Road) with “Uncle” R Kelly, “Auntie” Sam and “Uncle” “Local Businessman” Shash Khan, during which we ate and drank rather more than was strictly necessary (or desirable), opened more presents, and completely failed to watch the Queen’s Speech – although we did actually want to this year, because a friend of mine was subtitling it on Sky TV, and since he only had a couple more days left at work we thought he might “spice it up” a bit… (he didn’t).

Still, I’m reliably informed that the speech was as anodyne and pointless as usual, so no great loss there.

Millie was incredibly well behaved, even to the point of letting us eat a delicious Christmas dinner with all the trimmings in peace while she “played” with (or rather, dribbled over and manhandled) a new toy; she laughed and gurgled away to anyone who would listen almost all day long.

I then stayed up until 1.30am playing my new favourite computer game, which I got for Christmas, Darwinia. That was rather silly of me as Millie is always always always up at 7am (at the latest) every morning… But, hey, it was Christmas!

What else did I get? Hm, well, it was a pretty good year, present-wise – so muchos thanks to everyone for my presents! The Lovely Melanie bought me a training flight in a microlight (something I’m really looking forward to! Imagine, it’s the closest thing to actually flying yourself – nothing but a small engine and what looks like a few pieces of tent put together wrong keeping you airborne!), plus some lovely Caribbean rum, a couple of CDs, socks, etc.
Good socks, too!

Boxing Day saw my parents and my brother and his girlfriend come to visit for the day, and make a fuss of Millie, which was again very nice indeed. I took my parents and Millie for a walk round Honor Oak (and was surprised at how well my dad managed that, given that he’s not been terribly well since he had his pacemaker fitted – there’s been a lot of trouble with it…)

We went up One-Tree Hill and over to Blythe Hill Fields – both pretty big hills, for London, at least, and I was glad to get back home after a couple of hours of that. Still, at least I burned off some of the day before’s excess.

And yesterday we had the Lovely Melanie’s parents and her sister and her boyfriend come round in the afternoon, and even more fuss was made of Millie (and she still took it in her stride, bless her).
And now I’m back at work, tired and looking forward to New Year’s Eve… Sigh.


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