Essence du Millie

I can’t help but keep looking at the picture of Millie below, the one of her in her high chair (very very generously given to us by my old friend from Swindon, Mark Williams, and his wife Sara) just before she starts eating/spreading food around her face.

Please do tell me if you think I’m completely wrong, but that photo just seems to capture a certain essence of “baby”: Millie sat on her own, dwarfed by a huge high chair that she can only just see over; dressed in a plastic bib that shows her parents are prepared for some real mess, and she’s looking straight at the camera with a slightly uncertain face, one that has no idea what’s going on, despite all the accoutrements of meal time in front of her.
It has a beautiful innocence and naivete to it, as well as an air of vulnerability.

I could look at this picture all day. 🙂

Millie088 Millie089

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