Do you know, I genuinely didn’t think it would bother me, selling all my collection of old indie cassettes, but I’ve just put them up for sale on eBay here, and only afterwards did I suddenly feel terribly sad about the whole business. I spent a decade collecting these tapes (I couldn’t afford CDs and didn’t much like vinyl; plus, I mostly listened to music on my Walkman), but since I got a job and could afford to buy CDs then these tapes have been gathering dust in a forgotten drawer. And now we need to clear out some stuff to make room for all the new stuff we/Millie are getting and it was just time for these old friends to go.

Most of them I’ve at least got mp3 copies of, if not actual replacement CDs, and the simple fact is that I never ever play cassettes any more – I’m not even sure we have a cassette player in the house!

Still, these tapes were carried around with me from sixth form in Swindon to uni in Wolverhampton, then from Wolverhampton down to London, then all around London; they’ve been around for some of the most formative years of my life…but I guess it’s time to move on.

It’s going to be a brand-new year very soon, and maybe it’s time to cast off some of that old history and make some new history, eh?

So bring it on 2006…I’m ready (although, could we have an easier year than 2005, perhaps, eh?)

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