Buddha Baby


This photo, taken over the weekend when my parents came up to stay with us, doesn’t actually look much like Millie, but the Lovely Melanie can’t stop looking at it, and I burst out laughing every time I see it, so we figured it was a good’un.

Millie also, it turns out, doesn’t much care for bananas, but does love all kinds of awful vegetable mush – which is the opposite of her dad, so maybe physically she’s mine but mentally she’s her mother’s daughter. My parents brought us up some rhubarb this weekend to plant in our garden; the Lovely Melanie likes rhubarb and we’re hoping Millie will, too, particularly since rhubarb is just about indestructible and grows remarkably quickly… Better get eating, girls!

And finally, with my parents around to make me feel vaguely guilty I got some gardening done this weekend, and we got a load of coving put up in Millie’s room and in the living room. It was a bigger job that took longer than I’d expected (and wasn’t helped by the Lovely Melanie and I feeling a bit ropey on Saturday, having been able to go out clubbing together on Friday night because my parents babysat for us) but now it’s done our house unaccountably feels more like a home and less like a very badly fitted and maintained habitation unit. Which is nice.

That’s a bit of a boring entry, isn’t it? Sorry. We had a lovely weekend, but not an earth-shattering one, and I’m just a bit too busy at work at the moment to add anything much else.

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