Thursday already

Crumbs, is it Thursday already?

The Millster and I were flying solo again last night while her mum went out boozing in Waterloo.

One strange thing we’ve noticed she’s started doing (that Millie’s doing, not her mum) is getting confused while laughing. She’ll have an hysterical laughing fit, during which she’ll do the Millie “happy dance”, which consists of standing up, flapping her arms about like a frightened chicken, and sort of bouncing from side to side, then collapse in hysterics at anything (literally collapse – she can’t stand up whilst laughing too hard).

At this point, everything you do is just brilliant – you’re the best-ever episode of Father Ted starring Bill Hicks, Eddie Murphy (when he was funny) and Eddie Izzard. But then obviously this level of comedy genius can’t be maintained indefinitely and we start to get a bit confused – the laughter is just as loud but starts to sound more like crying, then back to laughter, then crying, then laughter and then…you can’t actually tell which it is, and then it becomes proper crying – it’s bathos in the truest sense of the word.

Either that or incipient schizophrenia.

I’m probably going to say something about cost/provision of nursery care in this country at some point soon, too – I can feel it building up inside me…

But not just yet – I’m more looking forward to going to see Belle & Sebastian play live tomorrow night. I’ve only heard the new album just the once so far (I bought/downloaded it on Tuesday from Karma Download) and I’m really not sure if I like it all that much yet – but I thought I didn’t like Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant for quite a few listens, but I love that now.

Can’t get too drunk though, as Saturday we’re off to see the in-laws in Hatfield and I’ve got to set up their webcam and sort out their MP3 players (I’m kind of their IT support…)

In fact, I’m actually going to TWO gigs tomorrow – that’s the kind of rock’n’roll dad I am – because there’s some kind of concert at LSE during lunchtime tomorrow (a sitar is involved in it somewhere, and I’ve always been a sucker for the sitar!). Can’t get drunk there either because, a, it’s in the LSE library, which (foolish oversight!) doesn’t have a bar, and b I’ve got to come back to work and do some subtitling afterwards. We’re very, very busy at the moment, since our parent company in the USA sacked all but one of their subtitlers during a dispute with the union, and are now desperately trying to get us to do all their subtitling for them (they do most of the TV subtitles in the USA!)

It’s – almost – hilarious that not a single person in their management thought to ask at any point before the official “please vacate the premises” letters were sent out, “Er, if we sack all our subtitlers who’s going to do all the actual subtitling – WHICH IS 99% OF OUR ENTIRE BUSINESS?!?!?”

The business mind (especially the “upper management” business mind) never ever ever ceases to amaze me. They really don’t think in the same way as the rest of humanity does, do they? Maybe I’ll write a short science fiction story about that one day (ah – almost forgot – I already did!)

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