Cute pictures and the Go! Team

Some remarkably cute pictures taken by my dad when they were up on Saturday.




Four good examples of why, despite the vomit and crying and the lack of sleep, we can’t help but love that little girl (that’s her nan/my mum with her in the pictures).

Went to see The Go! Team on Thursday, and they were bloody brilliant – I’d kind of been meaning to get tickets for months and completely failed to get off my arse and actually go that extra yard and buy some. Fortunately (for me!) my boss and his wife had got off their arses and bought some. Desperately unfortunate (for them) Mrs Boss came down ill a couple of days before and couldn’t go, and when he offered them round the office for cost price the day before the gig I jumped at the chance.

And, as I said, they were very good.

So good, in fact, that I stayed out till stupid o’clock drinking afterwards (with my lovely friend Sam, and she’s very good indeed at drinking!) and had to take the next day off work. God bless my boss at work who said, when I emailed in on Friday morning to say “I’m too ill/hungover to come in! I’m really sorry! Please let me take today as impromptu holiday! Pleasepleaseplease!

He replied, “If you’re sick then surely that’s sick leave, not holiday??” (wink wink, nudge nudge).

I’m so glad I went out of my way to buy him a t-shirt at the gig now. 😉


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