Swimming – first try

We tried letting Millie swim at the weekend.

With…mixed results.

We filled the bath up on Sunday afternoon (not too hot, but not too chilly neither!), then we put Millie’s “water nappy” and swimming costume on, then tried to blow up her baby armbands. Then we sat down because we were dizzy from blowing so hard into the baby armbands.

Then we tried again.

Then the Lovely Melanie and I both had to stop again because the nozzle on the armbands had gone too far into our mouths and made us gag.

Then we tried again. And finally we got the armbands blown up (they’re so small each section only takes one puff to fill it – once you’ve mastered the technique, that is).

So at last we were ready to take Millie for her first swim! Although, first obviously we had to take some pictures of this epoch-making event.

And then, finally, we were ready…

And the whole thing was over in about five minutes. Meh.

We plopped Millie into the bath lying on her back and let her float about for a bit – the Lovely Melanie hovered about nervously overhead, just in case… well, I don’t really know, to be honest. Just in case the plug should come out and Millie would be sucked down the plughole and washed out to sea or something.

But Millie really enjoyed it for a couple of minutes; she floated about on her back, smiling and gurgling, apparently having a whale of a time until…the plug came out and she was sucked down it and out to sea!
No, actually until she happened to turn her head to one side to see what was going on around her – and of course turned her face UNDERWATER!

The Lovely Melanie had Millie out of the bath within about 0.00023 seconds of this catastrophe taking place, but tragically it was too late to save her – Millie already had a wet face…

At first she was fine about it, there was no fuss, just a little bit of confusion on Millie’s face, as if to say, “What just happened there??” The Lovely Melanie dried off Millie’s wet face and we put her back in the bath. But the fickle seeds of discontent had already been sown; Millie never really recovered from the now-infamous “wet face incident of 2006” and cried to be let out of the bath.

We tried turning her on her front, we tried cooing at her, we tried distracting her, but it was clear the brave experiment was at an end, and a distraught Millie was snatched, like Beebe’s bathysphere back in 1934, from the depths of the undersea kingdom.

Here are some pics – before, during and after (grr, angry fist!)




Did you notice I currently have a beard. 🙂 Isn’t it great? Quite the niceest beard I’ve seen since Brian Blessed was last on TV. Not much else to say about it really. It wasn’t a really conscious decision – I didn’t get a chance to shave properly for a week, and now I kind of like having one – only temporarily, but a change is as good as a rest, isn’t it?


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