I finally shaved off the beard tonight. Having a beard feels very odd (trust me on this, ladies and younger chaps, I’d forgotten quite how odd it feels), so after three weeks I’ve decided to call it a day.

However…not before I decided to mess with the Lovely Melanie’s tiny little mind, and did this:


She hated it even more than the full-on Grizzly Adams; but for about a minute there, at least a minute, I was thinking, “You know, that’s not half bad…” and was genuinely almost tempted to keep it. Then the Lovely Melanie put on her Serious voice and told me to get rid of it.
So I tried down-sizing to a relatively inoffensive Magnum… Still a big fat negative.

I thought I’d give her one last chance, shrink it even further down to – you know what it is – the ever-popular “Hitler”!

Which didn’t even merit a reply.

So I’m now once more bald of face, as well as (increasingly) of cranium.


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