First steps

Guess who took their first faltering steps yesterday?

Nope, not me.

No, not the Lovely Melanie.

No, it wasn’t Jesus either. Sigh.

You blithering idiot: it was Millie!

Millie, with a little bit of help from her mum in the balancing department, walked across most of the living room yesterday!

I am a very proud dad at the moment. 🙂

It wasn’t the kind of walk that would have her wowing the catwalks of Milan or Paris, but by the simple expedient of putting one leg in front of the other and holding tightly onto mum’s hands Millie walked yesterday!

[Sits and proudly waits for applause to die down]

Does anyone know if this is unusual or not? Only, Millie can’t balance on her own yet, she hasn’t even figured out how to lift herself up on all fours as a prelude to crawling, and yet she seems to be taking tentative first steps across the living room!

Having children is a constantly changing experience – just when you think you’ve gotten used to them being one way they learn to do something new. And it’s a much subtler process than I ever imagined it would be. Before we had Millie I had a vague idea that there were some big milestones with your children every few months: they’d crawl, walk, talk, go to nursery, etc. and that was probably about it.

But it’s not like that at all; there are all kinds of minor milestones popping up almost every few days. Things like, getting more hair on the side of her head (she has a fine head on top, but looks as though we’ve given her a “short back’n’sides”); there’s watching people leave the room and turning her head when she hears (but doesn’t see) them coming back; there’s playing with her feet; learning – almost – how to roll over onto her front; and, second only to the walking, there’s Millie’s new laugh, which we’re hearing an awful lot of these past couple of days, which sounds like just about the happiest, most joyous laugh I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard some happy, joyous laughs in my time, I can tell you).

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