Better lake than never – finally, an update on our Lake District holiday

Bah, I’m never going to get the time to do a full update on all the exciting stuff we’ve been up to for the past (cough) days, so let’s just wipe the slate clean, have a very quick update and then try to get back to normal, eh?

First of all, Millie.

While we were on holiday in the Lake District (did I mention we’d been on holiday in the Lake District over Easter? For a week, sharing a cottage with 8 other adults and four very young children – of which Millie was the youngest, but not by much – we had a very nice time indeed, despite some initial trepidation about being trapped in a single house in the middle of nowhere with four babies – we were very scared about a domino effect with babies crying, i.e. one starts crying, which starts another one off, which starts them all off and the crying then goes on forever in a self-reinforcing cycle… Fortunately that didn’t happen.

Anyway, while we were on holiday in the Lake District Millie manifested a new ability – that of happily floating in a big bath completely unsupported! I’d always held her head up in the little “baby bath” we had at home, (so that she wouldn’t drown, or something like that, which sounds a bit silly now, really). But whilst in the Lake District (did I mention that we’d been to the Lakes…?) there was no baby bath, there being no room to put it in the little Vauxhall Astra we hired to get us up there, so we had to bath Millie in the Big Bath, which we have done before and which has always induced hysterical crying in Millie previously, so we were understandably nervous about doing it in a strange place.

But…no, Millie bobbed about on her back, was surprised to get water in her eyes a couple of times, but then learnt the rule that “While floating in a bath you will always get water in your eyes if you turn your head too far to the left or right”. And so we’ve been bathing her since we got back in the big bath – she was getting a little bit big for the baby bath anyway, a fact that I still find startling, remembering how small she looked in it to begin with.

What else? Er, well, Millie was almost as good as gold on the journey to and from the Lake District (did I mention that we’d…? I did? OK.) The journey took us seven hours each way, which sounds horrendous, but a good two hours of that was spent in service stations feeding the fat baby, and the journey felt much much easier than the five hours it normally takes with just a single quick stop to take a piss.

While we were away (in the Lake District…) a combined strike force of my parents and the Lovely Melanie’s parents invaded our house and, in a top-secret, hush-hush operation of devastating effectiveness fitted lino in our kitchen and bathroom. Fortunately, there were no civilian casualties, just a vastly improved living environment for all of us (especially once I’d fitted some blinds in the kitchen, which is now one of the three rooms in our house that I regard as “completed”). 

Now, keep this under your hat – loose lips sink ships and all that – but, flushed with the success of “Operation Lino” the top brass are buzzing about plans to carpet Millie’s room. Remember, mum’s the word, eh?

Doubtless I’ll remember something else to add later but that’ll have to do for now. Hope you’re all well and everything – I’m off to finish judging the Clarke Awards tomorrow, and thence to the awards ceremony – and I’m reliably informed that even the token “non-sf” writer up for an award, Kazuo Ishiguro, is planning to attend.
So there you go. 😉

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