Weymouth weekend

Well, what a lovely long weekend that was. Tee hee. I can’t tell you how refreshed I feel – no, honestly, I really needed a nice, relaxing holiday and that’s exactly what we had.

Don’t believe me? There’s plenty of evidence at the bottom of the page.

A bit more about Weymouth in a sec, but first, have I mentioned recently that Millie can now sit up (and, more importantly, stay sitting up) on her own? She’s even learnt to compensate for overreaching for toys/shiny things/litter/cups/string/hair/etc. by putting a hand down, or just by shifting her weight slightly.

So now we can sit her down on the floor or the bed and…walk away, and nine times out of ten she’ll still be sat up – as opposed to face-down, licking the carpet – a couple of minutes later.

Which unfortunately means our carpets are now not quite as clean as they were, but it’s all swings and roundabouts, eh?

In other big Millie news, the poor, poor girl was forced to experience, first-hand, the torturous and unending fiery hell of damnation that is “The Sea” over our long weekend in Weymouth. 

She’s a strange child sometimes. 

I mean, we had a bloody awful journey down to Weymouth from London: what should have been a sedate and civilised two hours and fifty minutes train ride direct from Waterloo to Weymouth was, in actual fact, nearer six hours of unreserved seats on late trains with no luggage space at all (really – zero space for our three large bags, pushchair and baby).

Then, power failures left us dragging pushchairs and large bags from trains onto replacement coaches then from replacement coaches onto more delayed trains, then from delayed trains onto the other end of delayed trains because nobody bothered to mention that the new delayed train was going to spilt in half and only one section would actually go to Weymouth.

But Millie took all of this in her stride and was as good as gold all the way there, thank heavens. The thought of all that with a screaming Millie makes me shudder just thinking about it…

It was only when she was taken to the beach that her easygoing demeanour cracked.

To your eyes or mine beaches are pleasant and enjoyable places, but in MillieWorld they’re the nightmarish brink of the pit of deepest hell, .

If you look at the photos below, some of them are of Millie at the edge of the sea. First of all being a bit nervous. Then being more nervous. Then having her toes dipped into about five millimetres (literally) of seawater…and crying. Very loudly. Indeed.

To be fair, the temperature of the Weymouth sea is more comparable with the Black Sea than the Mediterranean; even so, I thought Millie might have given it more of a chance.

My daughter is a lightweight. Sigh.

It took her a while to come to terms with “The Beach” too, even though it was a truly lovely day in Weymouth. But she did eventually manage to grasp that sitting on warm golden sand probably wasn’t going to kill her. Not yet, at any rate.

And it’s probably best we don’t mention the “taking Millie swimming in the camp site pool” experience at all.

She did quite enjoy Monkey World, but not especially because of the monkeys.

really enjoyed Monkey World. 🙂

Ah, this all sounds perhaps a bit less enjoyable than it was, but throughout most of the holiday Millie was an absolute star – she was made a fuss of by all of my family, and seemed to love almost every minute of it (that wasn’t spent in the sea or in a swimming pool).

She was so busy looking around and playing with people and giggling that it was hardly surprising that she slept as well as she did at night – despite being in the room next to the toilet (the walls of the caravan were very thin).

We had some good news as well – the Lovely Melanie’s work have agreed to let her go back part-time from the end of July. Her generous maternity package means that she’s had a year off (mostly paid) and only had to go back part-time for the first couple of months (but on full pay).

Now she’s going to be permanently part-time (but on part-time pay, sadly). Which means Millie will be going to nursery for three days a week and at home with her lovely mum for two days.

Plus, we get to eat and pay the mortgage, too! It’s a win-win situation!

So, that was Weymouth.

It’ll be interesting to see how the coming weekend goes – I’m going to the All Tomorrow’s Parties weekend at Pontins holiday camp in beautiful Camber Sands, as I do most years.

It’ll be interesting in a particular sense because neither the Lovely Melanie nor Millie are coming and it’ll be the longest time I will have spent away from them since Millie was born.

Not to mention the contrast between the relaxing, wholesome family weekend just gone, and the out-of-control immoral mayhem that is inevitably All Tomorrow’s Parties!

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