I can’t get no sleep – MILLIE!

Another long and sleep-deprived night.  I thought we were supposed to be past this??

When the Lovely Melanie finally snapped at about 2.30 this morning (after two and a half hours of Millie whining, screaming, babbling, hollering and shouting) in desperation she gave Millie some of the magic that is Calpol.

20 minutes later, everything was peace on earth and mercy mild.

Which was lucky, because it was frightening just how angry we had both become last night.

Thanks also to Bill Withers and Mother Nature for bolstering my sanity this morning.

When I staggered from the house to go to work, I turned on my MP3 player and Bill’s Lovely Day unexpectedly started playing. Then I looked up to see a stunning orange and pink sky shot through with incongruous slashes of bright blue.

And I was happy. Tired, but happy.

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