Signing off for Christmas

That’s probably just about it from me for 2006.

Tonight I’m going for a quiet drink at a local pub with friends before we all scatter to the four winds for Christmas.

The Lovely Melanie’s taking Millie to Hatfield tomorrow afternoon.  I’m not going up until Christmas Eve because I’ve got a couple of bits of very overdue writing to get done, and also because I’m desperately allergic to the in-laws’ cat (three days there is going to be hard enough for me – four days would probably require hospitalisation).

And Saturday night I’m going for a very quiet pint with a couple of old friends, which should be nice.

So no time to update the site before Christmas, no “proper” internet connection with which to upload it during Christmas in Hatfield, and, again, no time to write straight after Christmas because my parents are coming to see Millie…er, I mean us.

I’ll leave you with unconfirmed reports that Millie may be starting to talk – in English, that is; she talks Millays almost constantly.

At the shops on Monday she kept pointing at batteries and saying “Bah?”, which either means she wants to know what they are or wants to touch them.  So I kept repeating “batteries” every time she pointed, and then Mille repeated “badwies” quite out of the blue.  It certainly surprised me, I can tell you!

I’d have dismissed it as coincidence if the Lovely Melanie hadn’t told me that yesterday she was playing the “Passing Things To Mummy And Back Again” game, and saying “please” whenever Millie reached for  a “Thing” to “Pass” (which is something you do in the “Passing Things To Mummy And Back Again” game), and Millie said “please” when she had her hand out for something to be passed back.

Millie’s been laying the groundwork for language for a few months now; as I mentioned, she likes to point at things (especially in books) and have you tell her what they’re called, there’s a lot of pointing and making interrogative sounds – “Bah?”

Actually, that reminds me, there’s also a definite sense of the location of things, too.

A gummy-eyed and upset Millie was in her bedroom the other day, pointing at nothing, apparently; but it turned out, following a bit of detective work, that she was pointing out of the room, towards the kitchen and into the fridge where her juice is kept.

She’s also managed to point her way to her blanket, in the bedroom, when she was in the living room…

So have a lovely Christmas, everyone; I know I intend to.

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