In the papers

This completely slipped under the radar last week, but Millie and Mel were in (oh! The irony!) the Daily Mail over Christmas.

The premature baby charity, BLISS, was competing for some charity money the Mail gives to the most deserving charity, as voted for by its readers (that’ll be the Refugee Council and Asylum Aid out, then).

As part of their “Why we deserve the money” piece BLISS had a quote from the Lovely Melanie about Millie, and also mentioned me (although not by name – possibly fearing that my dislike for the Mail, plainly evident on this site, might work against them).

That was in the December 27th edition. I wouldn’t bother checking the microfiche at your local library to find the piece, it’s very small; although, I can probably email you a scan of it if you really want.

But the girls have just been contacted by BLISS about a full-blown interview and photo-shoot, this time for the more ideologically acceptable Prima Baby magazine, possibly next week.

Forget Celebrity Big Brother – this is where the real stars are!

Millie’s going to stay with her grandparents in Hatfield for most of this weekend – and without us, too.

Despite any actual birthday being long past I’m having my annual “Birthday Extravaganza” this weekend, which consists largely of badgering everyone I know to buy me a pint at a date, time and place of my choosing.

So Millie’s being taken to Hatfield, out of harm’s way, until the dust settles sometime on Sunday afternoon.

It’s actually a very small “extravaganza” this year, probably only about 15 people attending (“extravaganza” attendance figures peaked a few years back at somewhere between 35-40).  And this year’s extravaganza is a more responsible affair, consisting of some standup comedy at a local venue.

In fact, it’s set to be a really nice weekend, as tonight I’m also out – going to see a play about the sadly-missed Bill Hicks down in Croydon.  Let’s hope it does him justice…

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